Helping you heal.

Hi, I’m Lena (she/her).

I’m a counsellor living in Vancouver (territories of the Coast Salish peoples). I was born in Lviv, Ukraine.

I work with pain. And I invite you to take a step towards change, because while we can’t escape the dark places, we can find our own light to walk by.

I support young adults & adults with anxiety, depression, sensitivity, trauma, and relationship struggles.

Lena holds a beautiful safe space. Has a clear but gentle approach, I find her wisdom and intellect complement each other very well. With her guidance and support the ability for someone to move through their struggles well be vastly improved.” MFF

Why counselling?

Most of our emotional problems stem from a kind of disconnection, to our bodies, values, people, culture, or even spirituality. When we are disconnected we feel terrible. Disconnection is also at the root of many psychosomatic illnesses.

Problems that stem from disconnection are healed through connection, through a safe, supportive relationship. This is where counselling comes in.

Registered and insured therapist with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ID 2709).

In-person sessions in Kitsilano, by 4th & MacDonald. Online sessions for Vancouver, BC, and across Canada.

Offering Sessions in Russian & English



“I have known Lena for several years and find her to be capable, intelligent, and safe. She speaks with wisdom and has a wonderful way of seeing each individuals’ strengths & unique gifts. She has an impeccable curiosity and intuition and asks amazing breakthrough questions which assist clients to really get to the heart of their dilemma.” AM