Professional Bio….

I have a three-year diploma in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling, which included a year of my own work (counselling, group work, and building a family genogram). The benefit of my program was that I got to walk a similar path as now my clients do.

I assisted numerous personal growth workshops, facilitated support groups & breathwork sessions, and co-taught a year of counselling theory & leadership to budding therapists.

I’m the President of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, where I represent the community of competency-based counsellors.

Lena is a wonderful therapist. She has a calming presence and gentle manner, I find it very easy to relax and be in her presence. Lena is a natural healer! And has an amazing insight, integrity in her work. I highly recommend her.” HK

Personal bio…

I was born in Lviv, Ukraine. My maternal grandfather’s family survived ethnic cleansing of the Carpathian Mountains by the Soviet army in 1944. My dad struggled with alcoholism and spent intermittent time in jail. I immigrated with my mom to Canada when I was 10 and we lived here ever since. I have a half-brother in Israel and a beautiful niece and nephew there, too.

I owe my sense of integrity to my family, my sensitivity to my grandfather, my love of music to my dad, and my resourcefulness and humour to my mom.

I am also an artist & writer.

Lena is open hearted, culturally sensitive, invites conversation and no judgement in her space. Sitting with Lena, helps a person think about their thoughts, share openly and feel safe. Lena approach is with curiosity and being present with her clients.” PT