Professional Bio….

i have a 3-year diploma in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling from Clearmind International Inc., which included a year of my own work, and 2 years of direct client counselling practice.

i assisted personal growth workshops, facilitated support groups & breathwork sessions, and co-taught a year of counselling theory & leadership to budding therapists.

the past year, i was elected President of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, where along with my peers I advocate for competency-based counselling.

Personal bio…

i was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1992. i consider myself bicultural Canadian-Eastern European; the Eastern-European part is a mixed ancestry: Jewish, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian. My maternal grandfather’s family survived ethnic cleansing of the Carpathian Mountains by the Soviet army in 1944. My dad was largely absent from my life, struggled with addictions, caught up in the climate of crime that ravaged 90’s Ukraine. i immigrated with my mom to Canada when I was 10 and we lived here ever since. I have a half-brother in Israel and a beautiful niece and nephew there, too.

i came to be a counsellor largely as a result of my own struggle to understand myself, who i was in my family, and how to create my own sense of safety & peace in a world where that’s not a given. in the beginning, i struggled a lot with therapy, as a client, with some of the flaws inheritent in our models of mental health.

but along the way i fell in love with this kind of work, specific & personal to me, and how it can be helpful to others. i love seeing, hearing, and feeling others in the way that makes them feel cared for. these moments have been transformative not only for my clients, but for me.

being a therapist is only a part of my life! outside therapy, i like doing the west coast things: exploring hidden walks and beaches around Vancouver; travelling BC, and spending time outside with friends.

i draw and i paint. and i’m a VORACIOUS reader, spending my time off with a good book is one of my favourite things.