A picture of a central city street in Lviv, Ukraine on a sunny day.
Lviv, Ukraine

I was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1992. i’m bicultural, Canadian-Ukrainian, with a mix of Jewish, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian roots.

My maternal grandfather’s family survived ethnic cleansing of the Carpathian Mountains by the Soviet army in 1944. My dad was absent from my life, struggled with addiction, and got caught up in crime that ravaged 90’s Ukraine.

I immigrated with my mom to Canada when I was 10 and we lived here ever since. I have a half-brother in Israel and a beautiful niece and nephew there, too.

A picture of the seawall around Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.
Stanley Park, BC

I came to be a counsellor because I was transformed with seeing people change. It opens up my heart to listen, to understand other people’s stories and to really accept them in places where they can’t yet accept themselves. I couldn’t think of a better job in the world.

And like my clients, I see my own therapist, too!

my values

Respect for autonomy and individuality
Honest conversations
Humour & fun
Making this world a little less fucked-up than how we found it

things i love

forest walks
exploring the coast line
drawing & painting
intellectual chats (a good debate once in a while)
summer ice-cream
good, homemade food
making memories with my people