although i work frequently with issues pertaining to childhood trauma, my clients and their struggles are diverse (low self-esteem, confusion, disconnection, depression, stress, anger, grief, etc.)

i typically don’t diagnose the trauma in your life unless that’s something that’s helpful to you. Trauma means something different for everybody. sometimes there is a single, negative event that impacted you or there might not be anything you can put words to, only a vague uneasiness saying “something is missing here”.

we are born into a world that’s imperfect and fails us in some ways. in the course of our life, each of us are given a varying degree of resources to navigate the challenges of life and to thrive. some of us have more resources, some of us have less. this to a big extent depends on the ability of our families/societies/institutions to identify and meet our childhood needs but also beliefs and ideas they have/had what needs are allowed and Ok to have. (to a big extent we still collectively believe that the ideal human is someone who is without needs, who doesn’t want/ask/hunger/tire or desire)

from findings in development science, we now know that all humans have core emotional needs (to be liked, to belong, to be loved, to trust, to be safe, to have agency, etc) and if those needs aren’t met, we are more likely to have emotional and interpersonal struggles later in life.

this places us in a dilemma as adults, because when we struggle the world tells us that we are responsible for ourselves and that we need to meet our own needs. but what needs? how do we know what our needs are if nobody taught us what we are allowed to want and ask from the world?

our work together will, at times, involve learning what needs haven’t been met in your life, how that has impacted you, and how they can be met today.

The modalities i use include: Parts work, Inner Child/Re-Parenting, Emotion/Body/Mind/Spirit connection, and Family systems. Parts work has to do with the idea that any feeling or thought we have can be identified as a “part” of us, which has a specific purpose or role in our lives. Inner Child/Re-Parenting modality has to do with learning to meet our needs today in a way that our caregivers/institutions/societies never could. Emotion/Body/Mind/Spirit connection strives to align and balance all aspects of our being. Family systems is based on who you became in the family you grew up in. As such, some of our sessions may involve questions about where you/your family are from.