My professional philosophy is that there is a difference between cognitively “knowing” something to be true and an embodied, applied understanding of it. Historically, therapy has prioritized cognition as supreme kind of knowledge at the expense of intuition, lived experience, relationships, and the body. This, I think, limits the source of our personal intelligence because anxiety, stress, and depression aren’t just “in your head”, they are visceral experiences. In the same way, experiences like confidence, joy, & desire are visceral experience that live in the body. We cannot undertake the work of healing without addressing our bodies.

When trauma or conditioning disconnects us from our personal knowledge, we don’t “lose” it. It lives inside, and can be learned to be accessed through therapeutic interventions with another person.

My interventions are influenced by Family Systems theory, body-based therapy, trauma-informed practice, attachment-based theory, Gestalt, narrative therapy, and experiential therapy.

Here’s a list of some of my specialized training:

  • Applied Suicide Skills Training (ASIST) with LivingWorks
  • Foundations of Somatic Abolitionism with Resmaa Menaken (Education for Racial Equity)
  • Trauma-Informed Practice (Level 1) with Trish Walsh & Alyson Quinn